Multi disciplinary artist // Space maker

Sometimes hand-crafting spaces for people to move away from DOing and return to BEing.

Other times mark-making in response to my curiosity around space.

Space excites me; The way we change in response to the space we reside in, is curious

We all loved building dens as kids, ask anyone you know. Chances are, they have a story or memory of a great den. I believe these were not only fun places to hang out but also essential to the core of what it means to be a thriving human.

When we crawl inside a small space we have made for ourselves we switch in to a different mode. Potentially more sensitive, quiet, still, considerate, authentic...

I believe these spaces are essential not only as children but equally, if not more so, as adults. Places where we can quieten the mind and drop back in to the heart.

Our own mini retreat space that can be situated within our own living room, garden, office, school, boardroom.. A decompression space, a pause pod, a place to allow the fervor of the day to sink in to our bones and be integrated in to our being.

A place where we can reflect and sift through our experiences that came before. A place to bring us closer to our authentic, compassionate selves.

© Copyright Ellen Mulcrone                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Artist / Designer / Creator of spaces - 

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